My art journey has always been dominated by painting.  In the 70's I learned how to produce acceptable landscapes and still-lifes in watercolor and acrylics. I never felt, however, that these efforts satisfied my creative curiosity nor did they move me towards discovering my own aesthetic voice. I then found myself seriously exploring abstraction. For many years, due to educational, professional and family demands, this was primarily through observation and reflection.  In abstract painting I began to hear that individual voice.
     In the early 90's I began producing pieces that I felt were completely my own.  These small works were my first with non-traditional materials and techniques drawn from my own imagination. They were the first steps of a journey that continues today. My work now, while completely abstracted, is grounded in and dependent on observation of our organic and inorganic world. I see things every day that capture my imagination and which challenge me to find ways to incorporate them into paintings; such things might include a simple plant form or texture or a curious light reflection.
     My current work has become quite complex in technique, texture and color. I have expanded my techniques and materials through constant experimentation and revision. Grids, both formal and informal, play an important role for me compositionally and emotionally. Making art is an anxiety inducing activity. Grids calm me and my paintings. I believe they ground my artistic instincts and allow me to more fluidly explore my visual interests.
     I do not have any preconceived or well defined notions as to where this journey will take me or when it will end. I do not need either. I only need the time and space to continue producing the paintings I am compelled to make.


1971.  B.A. in Studio Arts, Trinity College, Hartford, CT.
1973.  M.Ed. in Urban Education, Univ. of Hartford, Hartford, CT.
1985.  MD,  Univ. of Vermont, Burlington, VT.
1990.  Completed residency in Diagnostic Radiology, St. Vincent Hospital, Worcester, MA.
1990.  Board Certification in Diagnostic Radiology, American College of Radiology.